Individual Coaching

We enable you to become the best version of your whole true-self through an integrated holistic life coaching model within the four body systems: Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual.  We meet you, the individual, wherever you are at and help you branch out into who and where you want to and should be, to fulfill your overall purpose and mission in life. We create lasting, and meaningful positive change.

Holistic Life Coaching Model


Self-perception, and mental patterns


Emotions and relationships with self and others


Health or tangible things like career or finances


Awareness, self-discovery, connection, and spirituality

Teams and Organizations:

I.C.E. Consulting & Coaching enables you to be future ready by creating positive transformation in your team and/or organization (non- profits, small/large business, government, academia etc.). Our unique strength lies in our ability to partner with and empower our clients to discover untapped potential, sustain effectiveness and excel in transformational success. We leverage the diversity of our team to provide tailored consultation to understand your needs, ultimately leading to an environment of innovation and growth.


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